We’ll always have Inktober


A few of my Inktober drawings scattered on the old drawing board.

A few of my Inktober drawings scattered on the old drawing board.

I’m writing this post later than I’d anticipated, but nonetheless still wanted to post. If you follow me on Twitter (@carnolddesigns) and Instagram (@ChristopherArnoldDesigns), then you may have seen me post more drawings than I usually do.

I blame — no, I THANK — Inktober for that.

I discovered Inktober at the start of October. Its premise was a simple one: 31 drawings in 31 days. I used to draw a lot when I was growing up. I mean, a LOT. My earliest honest-to-goodness career goal was to be a comic book artist. I loved doodling, sketching, penciling and inking. As I got older, however — and as I imagine a lot of others experience — the career plan went a different direction, life continues to happen and I drew less and less frequently.

I still love it, and so I leapt at the Inktober opportunity (an Inktobertunity?) to dust off the pens, sharpen some pencils and DRAW.

I didn’t quite make it to 31 drawings, but I did a bunch. Here are some of them. Who knows? You may just start seeing more artwork on this blog…

Thanks, Inktober.

Lagoon LifeMissyDeadpool and DarylInspired by Norah

Photoshop World 2014 on Storify (Day 3)

Well, all good things really do come to an end. So, with the conclusion of this year’s Photoshop World in Vegas, I too will bid adieu to this whole Storify thing.

For now.

Until next time…

(Of course, you can always relive the rest of the conference here: Pre-Conference Day, Day 1, Day 2)


Photoshop World 2014 on Storify (Day 1)

Yesterday, I posted a Storify collecting some of the public tweets and Instagram posts by Photoshop World attendees using the hashtag #PSW14. So I thought I’d continue that today, with some of the Opening Day goodness that goes on. I will update this post later and I’ll add new ones covering tomorrow and Friday. So stay tuned!

If you’re currently attending the conference, be sure to use #PSW14 in your posts and you, too, might be included in an upcoming Storify!