Christopher Arnold

Photographer. Video producer. Digital dabbler. Compulsive doodler.

(Redesign in progress. Thank you for your patience.)


Creativity drives me.

A native of Florida, I was born and raised in Fort Pierce, on the Treasure Coast of the peninsula. Many days were spent sitting on my parents’ living room floor feverishly sketching or typing away on some portable typewriter.  You can blame comic books for that.

Comics were my first foray into the creative world, and thanks to those bold, colorful splash pages and out-of-this-world stories, I knew that the creative world was calling me.

I’ve come a long way since those early days of 2H pencils, bristol board and India ink.  I still use them, of course, but I have upgraded my arsenal to include my trusty Nikons, Photoshop, my Wacom and more. Insights and experience gained while studying art history and design in college help me use those tools more effectively, efficiently and creatively.

Whether I’m photographing a wedding, documenting an event or illustrating fiction, my goals are the same:  Tell the story sincerely, creatively and professionally.



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